Hi, I am Sam

10923565_10203543778892022_4156968638512021145_nSo I suppose this is the part where you, the awesome person visiting my blog, wants to know a little about me. I’m Sam, as you may already know. I’m 26 and currently living in Midwestern USA and a soon-to-be expat living in the UK. I’m currently engaged to the English man of my dreams and we’re planning on getting married later this year (2016).

I originally had started this blog back in 2011 and It was then that I found a love for blogging thanks to a close friend of mine. Though it wasn’t something I could keep up due to a full-time demanding job, and life that seemed to not go as planned. But here I am now, trying to dust myself off, and get back on that blogging horse.

I’d like to think of I enjoy stuff as a means to exploit my love and enjoyment of stuff. By this I mean buying and trying new products, reviewing products that companies send my way, and as an added bonus my love for cooking/baking. I think this time around I’d like to show more reviews and more tutorials through social media like YouTube and Instagram.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure I’ll update this as more things unravel.